We are pricing this DLC/ Expansion pack in an unusual way. You basically have two choices. The standard edition, and the discount edition. I guess the first thing to do is point out the difference between the two. The difference is that one is $5.99 and one is $2.99. That's it. There is literally no difference. Confused?

That makes no sense. Why would I buy the standard edition?

The standard edition is what we think is a fair price for the expansion. Given the amount of copies we normally sell, given the cost of the artwork for the ships, and the time taken to put together the ships as a new race, with new turrets, some new modules, ship hull layouts and testing, this is what we think we should be pricing this expansion at. If you want a simple answer to the question 'how much does it cost?' the answer is $5.99. That's what we are selling it for.

So why is there a discount edition?

Not everyone can afford to pay the full price. I know there are gamers on a tight budget, who will sit and wait for a few months hoping to spot this DLC in a Steam sale, or get a discount coupon through our mailing list. Maybe a lot of them are students, or some of them might be from a thrid world country where $5.99 actually amounts to a fair bit of cash. These are the people who simply, honestly would not buy the DLC for $5.99, The discount edition is for you.

Why not just do a sale in a few months?

That is what everyone does. If you are really patient, and savvy, you are going to sit on your hands for months until the price comes down, then buy it. I'm just asking you for that money now, rather than then. I end up with the same amount of money I'd get anyway, and you don't have to wait so long. It's a win-win.

Won't everyone just get the discount version?

Possibly. I hope not. If they do, this experiment failed! There are some people who love GSB, and have played it a LOT. Those people are definitely getting their moneysworth. I think a fair chunk of them will happily, voluntarily pay the full price for the pack. There have been 3 other packs, so you know what you are getting. If you think it's worth $5.99, please pay $5.99. It helps me keep working on GSB, and lets me put off the scary day when I have to move on to other projects.

I can't decide which one I should get

You could ask yourself how many hours of fun you have got from GSB so far. You could ask yourself if you are as well off as the average gamer. The richest country on earth, per capita is Luxemburg. The US is #10, Italy is #35. (source). Alternatively, it might help you to know that premium sausages are GBP2.39 per 400g (roughly $3.90), or that PC Gamer magazine costs GBP5.99 (roughly $9.54). You may possibly muse on the fact that the average US salary for a high school graduate is $26,505 (source). I'm sure I have given you lots to think about. Mmmmmm sausages.

Can I see real-time stats to see how this experiment is going?

Standard Sales:1131
Standard (Gross) Revenue:6774.69
Discount Sales:657
Discount (Gross) Revenue:1964.43

I've decided! I must have this immediately. let me buy it now!

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